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Building a bungalow with HUF HAUS

"We want to build a bungalow" Anyone who has internalized this statement dreams of barrier-free living on one level. Whether bungalow with garage, bungalow with granny apartment or holiday bungalow - the stepless living concept is fully in line with the trend and is experiencing a new heyday. The age of the client does not matter: Both young families and older couples appreciate the advantages of the mostly single-storey home. On this page you can find out what the right plot of land for your dream home should look like and which roof shapes are possible with a HUF HAUS wooden bungalow.

Bungalow to build - but right!

Bungalows are architecturally challenging, as all desired rooms have to be accommodated on one level. The suitable property plays an important role, because the floor space must be larger, because the single-storey construction requires more space, since all rooms are accommodated on one level.

But no matter where you build - HUF Architects plan your half-timbered house flexibly and imaginatively and develop the right living concept together with you. The question often arises: May I build a bungalow with a cellar? The answer is yes! A basement offers a lot of additional storage space and by no means robs the house project of the title "Bungalow". After all, the future home must correspond to the daily needs. Anyone who builds without a cellar must plan sufficient space for a technical and utility room.

The competent planners at HUF HAUS will also clarify with you the question of which roof shape and which style best suits you, as there are numerous options. Do you want to build a flat roof bungalow or do you prefer to build an angle bungalow? You decide whether it should be the ultra-modern flat roof - with plenty of design scope in the floor plan - or perhaps the saddle roof with room heights up to the underside of the roof.

Bungalow build prices

The distinctive HUF bungalows are individually planned and calculated for your property. The price depends, for example, on the size of the house, the desired technical equipment and the conditions of the plot. After a personal discussion with one of the HUF consultants or HUF architects, your individual offer will be drawn up.

HUF HAUS is also at your side to help you finance your bungalow: the fast track to your own construction financing leads you to the experts at HUF HAUS Finanzierungsservices, a company of the HUF Group. Plan your barrier-free dream home on a secure basis!

Building a wooden bungalow - the advantages

To build in the HUF HAUS bungalow style means to live daily life at eye level with the surrounding nature. Your HUF house is ideally suited for this because the generous glass surfaces and the surrounding skylights provide a view of the garden at all times. Private retreats are considered as well as functional aspects.

The renewable and sustainable raw material wood provides a warm and pleasant feeling of space and at the same time is extremely healthy to live in. Experience the unique living atmosphere in one of our show houses!