Gold for HUF HAUS

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Society for Sustainable Building Council) granted gold certification for every newly built HUF house

It’s Official! HUF HAUS management team received congratulations from the highly acclaimed Dr. Christine Lemaitre (Managing Director of the German Society for Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)) for passing the conformance tests and officially obtaining The Gold Award certification.

HUF HAUS methods and execution adhere to stringent sustainability standards and through independent testing, carried out by DGNB certification body, we have been awarded the Gold Badge standard within sustainable construction.

This award highlights that each modern post and beam structure produced within our traditional HUF Hartenfels factory qualifies to Gold standard recognition and departs the Westerwald with a Gold Badge in sustainable construction.

“We applied to the DGNB to be tested for this certificate because this is about the overall performance of our homes- which are composed of varied and complex components. One could compare this demanding inspection process to a decathlon. Just like the motivated athlete, we must prepare in the best possible way for a variety of disciplines, committing ourselves to every minute detail in order to achieve the development of sustainable housing concepts in a unique architectural language”, summarizes Christoph Schmidt, Executive Vice President of HUF HAUS..

The testing procedure ran parallel to our company’s daily operations with the process monitored by an independent auditor from the company, Think Step.

Mr. Attila Takacs was the auditor for the HUF HAUS accreditation and his duties were to examine and carry out clear, objective monitoring throughout the inspection.

Some of the many aspects covered by the Auditor inspection included the ecological aspect of materials used and their balance within the company, as well as the practice of efficient methods during production.

The foundation of the DGNB review is that of rigorous proportion and not to be underestimated; the strict criteria contains extensive concepts for sustainability and overall performance of the structures produced.



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