Viessmann and HUF HAUS win Home of the Future

Viessmann and HUF HAUS were awarded “Home of the Future” at this year’s annual Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) “Supplier of Excellence” competition.

Heating with Ice
The innovative method of creating heat using ice is possible witht the use of the ‘Ice storage Tank’. This cutting-edge technology has been installed at the HUF HAUS UK Show House (located in Weybridge, Surrey) and demonstrates that sustainable living can be accomplished through the implementation of contemporary architecture and ground-breaking technology.Heating with ice harvests the energy released in the change of state from water to ice and uses it to heat or cool.
Viessmann collaborated with Huf Haus, the market leader for contemporary post and beam architecture and a pioneer of eco-luxury and carbon neutral homes, to showcase this never-before-seen heating technology.  Installed at the Huf Haus showhome in Weybridge, Surrey, the heating with ice technology is set to become a vital part of the eco-revolution technologies, alongside solar, wind and geothermal.  It is particulary significant because it can be reliably used when environmental conditions make other fossil fuel-free heating options untenable.

An ice storage tank filled with 10 m³ of water is set in the ground.  During the phase transition of water to ice, energy is harvested.  Astoundlingly, a phase transition of 10m³ of water to ice generates a heat gain equal to approximately 100 litres of fuel oil.

This ice storage system, together with a solar air absorber can provide a full and complete heat source.

This year’s deserving winners of the “Home of the Future” have created and implemented a system with the potential to revolutionise the way we heat out homes.

More information about HUF HAUS in the UK…

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