Erfahrungen mit HUF HAUS : Everything works just as we wished.

Diese schöne E-Mail an unsere Projektleiterin kommt von unseren Bauherren aus England, die kürzlich in ihr HUF Haus eingezogen sind. Bei der Einweihungsfeier durften auch einige Vertreter von HUF HAUS mit dabei sein. Unter den Gästen war auch Herr Georg Huf, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von HUF HAUS, der das hübsche HUF Vogelhaus als Geschenk überreichte.

Erfahrungen mit HUF HAUS aus erster Hand…

Dear Christina,

I hope you all got back safely and had good journeys home. I wanted to thank the Huf team for coming, and wondered if you could pass this message on.

It was a delight to be able to show you all the finished house that you helped us create. The bathroom (which you designed for us) is particularly successful. Everything works just as we wished. We have the large social space for entertaining, space for music-making, a study with a lovely outlook and a kitchen that is a pleasure to work in. Not to mention the automation, the ventilation and, well everything. Too much to list 🙂

I also wanted to thank you for the lovely house-warming presents – there seemed to be an avalanche of people emerging from the Huf mini-bus bearing gifts! I’ve taken a couple of photos and attached them to the email. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous – I think they look nice on the edge of the breakfast bar with the Huf glass windows behind. The Huf bird table is amazing! We have had the landscapers put it in outside the study window so we can watch it as we work. The lovely hamper of food, and the traditional loaf were…. well delicious. I couldn’t take a good photo of these because we’ve already eaten it. It just wouldn’t look as good to take a picture of the empty basket 🙂

Thank you again for everything. You made the whole Huf Haus building process a pleasure. Although we have no plans to do another self-build, if we were to do so, we would happily build another Huf Haus. You transformed the process of building our Huf Haus into a positive experience. That is a real talent.

Kind regards,

Gill & Anthony